Engineered Floating Timber Floors


ImageFloating floors have long been the preferred hardwood system in Europe and now they are available in Australia.


Engineered timber flooring has been technologically reconstructed to minimise tension in the timber floor hence restricting timber movement by up to 75%. This pre-finished wood flooring product is constructed with up to nine layers of laminated cross ply with the top layer being real solid timber hardwood. The hardwood top layer can be re-sanded to restore it to as new condition.


Engineered floating timber floors can be laid over existing timber platform floors, concrete or even linoleum or thin wall to wall carpet, making installation a breeze. This stable flooring comes in an extensive range of Australian and Russian timber species and is ideal for areas where height is a restriction.


Attractive timber colours include Birch, Brazilian Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Oak, Rosewood and Walnut. Please contact us for a range of other colours and for a quotation.



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