Parquet Flooring


ImageParquet flooring is a number of precision milled wood pieces laid to produce stunning patterns and elegant geometric designs. There are many patterns to choose from or you can use your own imagination to create your own custom design. Parquetry comes in two different styles: Mosaic and Block parquetry.


The traditional mosaic style of parquetry is where small individual fingers of timber are arranged in different designs and comes in the form of small panels. Block parquetry is created by using bigger blocks of timber and can be laid in any pattern using contrasting or similar blocks. Parquetry blocks range in size from 260x65x18mm to 340x85x18mm and can be manufactured in larger blocks such as 400 to 450mm long.


Parquetry is glued down over a solid, flat sub-floor such as concrete, plywood, or particleboard or over old timber floors. It is extremely durable, easy to maintain and can be restored to as new condition be re-sanding and finishing.


Installation of your parquetry of choice can be performed by our master craftsmen. Please contact us for a quote and for design patterns.



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