Pre Finished Solid Timber Flooring


ImagePre-Finished Solid Timber offers similar benefits to solid hardwood timber and has the added convenience of being factory sanded, polished and finished.


This makes installation clean and quick causing minimal disruption to your family and lifestyle, since there will be no dust from sanding or intoxicating fumes from chemicals such as lacquer. It can be installed in many ways, including secret nail, staple-down, glue-down or floating floor onto plywood, particleboard, baton, old timber flooring or concrete subfloors.


Each strip is precision milled giving consistency in dimensions which ensures that the floor won’t have high or uneven edges that will splinter over time. Just like solid hardwood timber flooring(link), it can be used over 20 years as it can be re-sanded and polished many times to preserve its shiny appearance.


With the added benefit of surface protection which ensures superior surface durability and wear resistance, pre-finished solid timber flooring is an excellent choice for those who want quick installation time with lower costs compared with unfinished solid hardwood timber flooring.

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